Monday, August 20, 2012

BOLT: Retire Smarty Jones-Style.

As the dust from the 2012 Olympic Games in London begins to settle, we finally have an opportunity to reflect on the many incredible performances by athletes of all nationalities.  Jessica Ennis winning the heptathlon for Great Britain.  The U.S. women's soccer team winning gold over Japan.  Michael Phelps capping off his career with a record 22 medals.  Mo Farah of Great Britain becoming a double Olympic gold medalist in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters, with his training partner Galen Rupp of the U.S. snagging the silver medal in the latter.  And last but not least, the unforgettable performances of Jamaican Usain Bolt in the 100 and 200 meters.  What a remarkable display of dominance!

Silencing the naysayers, Bolt became the only man in Olympic history to successfully defend his 100 and 200 meter titles.  Despite his typically less-than-explosive start, Bolt powered away in the closing stages of the 100 meters to win over a stacked field.  Reports indicate that Bolt took only 41 strides to cover the distance compared to runner-up Yohan Blake's 43 strides.  What do these numbers tell us?  In short, gone are the days of record-breaking short, bulky sprinters who at any moment looked like they wanted to show you "their guns."  We now have the opportunity to savor the results of long, powerful limbs that seemingly swallow the track with each stride.  I know I am not complaining....9.63 seconds for an Olympic Record!

High-speed video of the start of the 2012 Olympic Men's 100m Final:
Bolt towers above the rest of the field.

The word is that Bolt enjoyed the eve of his first win with some Swedish handball girls.  As he should.  And more recently, that Bolt's coach removed him from London as he was too easily distracted by the "sexy British girls."  After the 2012 track and field season is in the books, Bolt has a choice, however; continue to run and risk being beaten at his own game, or retire at the very top as the greatest sprinter of all time.  Bolt, take a lesson from racehorses.  A few incredible races and they are pulled to live a life of leisure and fun with the mares; they are STUDS after all.  So, Bolt, play some ball, try your hand at cricket, but do not take another step on the track.  You already are a legend and have nothing more to prove.  Except to that high jumper in the corner with the long, elegant legs.  She may be your perfect pick for Bolt baby #1.


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